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Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 27

Banksy in Greenpoint. According to his website he had planned to have his opinion printed in the NY times but they decided against publication. So he put the article up on his website and painted a wall with this apt slogan instead.


photos: Banksy.co.uk

What happened next: Roundly criticised for his criticism even serial Banksy critic / page hit generator Jonathan Jones of The Guardian got in on the act – a sure sign that Banksy was probably right in his appraisal. As for the slogan on the wall – according to Gothamist that was painted over by an ‘older woman’ (careful!) 24 hours later.


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 26

Banksy adds his own New York bumper slogan to a van in Sunset Park.

photos: banksy.co.uk

What happened next: “After Shabbos I got a lot of phone calls,” Israel told VIN News.  “I googled Banksy and thought I would just leave the truck where it was until Monday, but a chasidishe guy called me and said ‘you better go move the truck before someone vandalizes it.’” Israel, truck and Banksy owner – more here.


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 25

The Grim Reaper in a dodgem car originally appeared in a painting that was gifted to a band that happened to have the same name as Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop film. Today it made a real life appearance in Houston Street, Bowery circling around behind a fence where it will reappear every night from dusk to midnight until Sunday. See video footage here.

photos: banksy.co.uk

What happened next: an owner of a car parked nearby had her SUV roof damaged as onlookers clambered onto her vehicle to get a better view (New York Post)


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 18

It’s not unusual for an artist to set up a pop up gallery these days but typically they don’t come with gravel and a bench in the open air – especially when it’s open to midnight. Day 18 of Banksy’s New York residency sees him team up with Brazilian twins Os Gêmeos in a couple of paintings where they combine their distinctive styles. Also includes some drinksavailable from a nearby drinks dispenser.

Banksy with Os Gêmeos (photo banksy.co.uk )