The recently held POW open day seemed to be pretty mad on the Saturday. I turned up Sunday afternoon and it was a much more chilled out affair. Grafter was busy stenciling the Sausage Man’s van and ATG were just making sure it was unlikely POW were going to get their deposit back on the van hire! POW raised nearly £25K from a raffle to win or buy a Banksy print. The charity chosen is a really good one – sightsavers international – and with an adult cataract operation costing only £17.00 to perform its one where the money can make a huge difference to a lot of peoples lives.

Grafter grafting

Pimping a ride ATG style

All the fear of the fair

Stencil for Banksy’s Very Little Helps

It was hard to miss the parralell between Bansky’s Destroy Capitalism print (top) and real life events

Inside the luxurious Pictures On Walls sales room

The staff at POW were happy to screen print onto pretty much anything. Keep an eye on this image….