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Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 23


The heat is on…are they looking for him or have they just turned up where he was planning his next move….


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 22


Banksy can explain this one: “No turn unstoned. A 1/36 scale replica of the great Sphinx of Giza made from smashed cinderblocks.You’re advised not to drink the replica Arab spring water”


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 21


Day 21 of Banksy’s New York adventure and this piece has something of a familiar theme. It reminds me of previous pieces including the ‘Graffiti Removal’ boy but with the twist of having the cans served by an ever attendant butler. The street slang of the slogan contrasts well with the poshness of the tagger.



Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 20


With a simple sihoueete stencil Banksy transforms am existing street structure into a fairground attraction. Bespoke, fast, playful and perfectly in tune with the street scene this is why I love Banksy’s art. It sets up a great photo opportunity too.


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 19


Staten Island is the location for this new Banksy piece which can only really be viewed as a video right now.


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 18


It’s not unusual for an artist to set up a pop up gallery these days but typically they don’t come with gravel and a bench in the open air – especially when it’s open to midnight. Day 18 of Banksy’s New York residency sees him team up with Brazilian twins Os Gêmeos in a couple of paintings where they combine their distinctive styles. Also includes some drinksavailable from a nearby drinks dispenser.

Banksy with Os Gêmeos (photo )

Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 17


In common with other recent Banksy works in New York it wasn’t long before this arch turned into a bridge was on the receiving end of some additional spraypaint. The guy who did it was limited in what he could do by the swift intervention of a crowd around the stencil and a representative of the building. It’s odd when a vandal attacking another vandals work gets accused of vandalism and gets attacked himself.

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Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 16


It’s not the first time that Banksy has used a full sized Ronald McDonald figure on the street but the addition of a shoe shine boy cleaning his oversize shoes this time means that this piece strays into performance art territory. Starting off in the South Bronx the sculpture will visit a different McDonalds each day at lunch time for the next week. Have a listen to accompanying audio guide on to understand a little bit more about his unusual face.


All City McDonalds (photo: )

Banksy – Better Out Than in – Day 15


Appearing in Tribeca on day fifteen of Banksy’s Better Out Than In artist residency this unassuming wall has been turned into a piece looking back to the moment of impact of the first plane into the World Trade Centre. It comes with no accompanying audio explanation but maybe this particular artwork doesn’t need one.

Banksy in Trebica (photo:

Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 14


“What we do in life echoes in eternity” – sounds deep but is apparently a line from Ridley Scott’s Gladiator film. Banksy claims in the accompanying text on today that he is often accused of using low brow quote sources and then cheekily recites a line uttered by Kelly Rowland on X Factor – “I’m just going to use that hostility to make me stronger, not weaker”. To be honest I’ve seen neither so I have no idea if either line ever existed but it’s another neat addition to the streets of New York, this time in Queens.

Banksy in Queens (Photo: