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Saturday 22nd March, 12 noon PST


ORIGINAL POST, read the update below: Following on from collaborations with other artists such as Shepard Fairey, Faile and Invader are reportedly planning a collab with Banksy to mark World Water Day at 12 Noon PST sharp on And that’s about all I know right now. So check in on the day at the right time to find out more.

UPDATE: Message on “Banksy Has Not Made Any T Shirts For A Water Charity”. This is exactly why I used the word “reportedly’ in my original post as it seemed odd. Once details were released on including the claim that this was the first and last time he would do this I smelled a rat and not the Banksy kind. Banksy has definitely produced T-shirts on several occasions before including Wrong War and Turf War designs. Supporting clean water for drinking and sanitation around the world is still very much a worthwhile cause but you don’t need to buy an expensive T shirt of very questionable authenticity to do this.

Finally a few pictures from last weeks #withsyria campaign support:


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 31


Banksy’s month long residency ended today with an inflatable tag overlooking the Long Island Expressway. The piece didn’t last long though, with the now customary gaggle of Banksy onlookers and the NYPD in attendance two men cut the piece down and tried to make off with it and it all ended up in an unseemly scuffle caught on video. Despite this its fair to say this month has been pretty successful for Banksy. Some interventions have created massive media interest, in particular those that could be attached to a price tag such as the impromptu stall selling genuine Banksy art or the donation of a modified oil painting to a homeless / AIDS charity shop. Others have not gone down so well – there was something of a mixed reaction to Banksy’s comments on the building being built where the World Trade Center once stood. We’ve seen some great art, the tagger leopard and the collaboration with Os Gemeos being particular favourites. The theatrical interventions and sculptures were well received and created quite a stir. All in all after 31 days of activity it’s going to feel quite dull for a while. So long for now, it’s been a blast and we’ll leave the last word to Banksy’s dry narrator for the whole series:

“Banksy asserts that outside is where art should live, amongst us and rather than street art being a fad, maybe its the last 1,000 years of art history are the blip, when art came inside in service of the church and institutions. But arts rightful place is on the cave walls of our communities where it can act as a public service, provoke debate, voice concerns, forge identities. The world we live in today is run, visually at least, by traffic signs, billboards and planning committees, is that it? Don’t we want to live in a world made by art, not just decorated by it?”




Banksy – Better Out Than in – Day 30


Fantastic piece and execution on the penultimate day of Banksy’s New York residency. We’ve seen a more basic version of this leopard before at the Cans Festival and even an animated version as part of the pet shop but this has the best execution yet by simply utlising a yellow line outside the Yankee Stadium.



Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 29


Banksy bought this oil painting from a thrift store in 23rd Street New York, amended as he done with so many other examples and gave it a new title “The banality of the banality of evil” before returning it to the thrift store, Housing Works. Where you’d think it will considerably boost this months takings for the shop, bookstore, and HIV/AIDS and homelessness advocacy organisation…it’s since been put up on a charity auction site and is currently at $95,200. Auction closes 31st October.


Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 28


Banksy in Coney Island with a classic robot piece.


What happened next: According to Gothamist someone has already had this artwork tattooed on their arm.

“As they have with other New Yorkers whose buildings were tagged by Banksy in his month-long “Better Out Than In” city tour, the NYPD asked Ruocco if he wanted to press graffiti charges against the artist.

“What are they filing a complaint about?” Ruocco said, declining the offer. “The guy puts $20,000 on your wall!” Source New York Post.

Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 27


Banksy in Greenpoint. According to his website he had planned to have his opinion printed in the NY times but they decided against publication. So he put the article up on his website and painted a wall with this apt slogan instead.



What happened next: Roundly criticised for his criticism even serial Banksy critic / page hit generator Jonathan Jones of The Guardian got in on the act – a sure sign that Banksy was probably right in his appraisal. As for the slogan on the wall – according to Gothamist that was painted over by an ‘older woman’ (careful!) 24 hours later.

Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 26


Banksy adds his own New York bumper slogan to a van in Sunset Park.


What happened next: “After Shabbos I got a lot of phone calls,” Israel told VIN News.  “I googled Banksy and thought I would just leave the truck where it was until Monday, but a chasidishe guy called me and said ‘you better go move the truck before someone vandalizes it.’” Israel, truck and Banksy owner – more here.

Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 25


The Grim Reaper in a dodgem car originally appeared in a painting that was gifted to a band that happened to have the same name as Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop film. Today it made a real life appearance in Houston Street, Bowery circling around behind a fence where it will reappear every night from dusk to midnight until Sunday. See video footage here.


What happened next: an owner of a car parked nearby had her SUV roof damaged as onlookers clambered onto her vehicle to get a better view (New York Post)

Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 24


Banksy outside Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, a comment on his website makes it clear that this was not a piece painted with permission. It’s good to know that there are still some street artists out there who are choosing placements rather than having them chosen for them by agents and street art enterprises.



Banksy – Better Out Than In – Day 23


The heat is on…are they looking for him or have they just turned up where he was planning his next move….